It has come to our attention that a number of companies and individuals have been selling fundraising cards that claim to entitle the card holder to a discount or some other special offer from Domino's Pizza stores.

These cards often contain Domino's Pizza logos and marks, without our permission. While these cards may look authentic, neither the cards nor the companies selling them are in any way affiliated with Domino's Pizza LLC, and the cards might not be accepted at your local Domino's Pizza store.

Delivering the Dough® is the only official fundraising card of Domino's Pizza.

Organizations and supporters who may be interested in purchasing fundraising cards that purport to offer discounts from Domino's Pizza may find it prudent to investigate whether the cards are authorized and accepted by your local Domino's Pizza stores before buying them.

  • Purchase only Delivering the Dough cards. You can avoid any worry about whether your fund raising cards will be accepted at Domino's Pizza stores by purchasing only Delivering the Dough cards, the only official fundraising card of Domino's Pizza. Delivering the Dough cards are the most widely-accepted fundraising card in the Domino's Pizza system.
  • Call before you buy. Some of our franchisees do support their communities with excellent local programs other than Delivering the Dough. If your organization is considering a fundraising card other than Delivering the Dough, talk to the Manager or franchisee of your local Domino's Pizza store to find out if the cards will be accepted at all the Domino's Pizza stores that service the areas in which the cards will be sold.
  • We do not authorize selling fundraising cards on the Internet. If your organization is considering buying fundraising cards online, you are considering a card we do not authorize. We would not recommend that any fund-raiser purchase Domino's Pizza cards or coupons of any kind from any online marketplace. Delivering the Dough is designed to be a local fundraising tool, and we prohibit selling the cards over the Internet.

Since 1960, Domino's Pizza LLC and its dedicated franchisees have supported our local communities, and we remain committed to helping schools and other worthy charitable organizations raise millions of dollars every year. Please contact the general manager or franchisee of your local store to see how we can help your organization.