DMIDid you know?

  • 97% of U.S. dairy farms are family-owned.
  • Most Americans live within 100 miles of a dairy farm. There are dairy farms and Domino’s stores in all 50 states.
  • Cheese contains high-quality protein since it’s made from milk. Protein is one of six essential nutrients found in cheese – the best part of pizza!
  • The U.S. is home to more than 9 million dairy cows.
  • More than 25% of cheese made in the U.S. is used to make pizzas!
  • More than 55,000 U.S. dairy farms in the United States provide milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products to the U.S. and other countries.
  • U.S. dairy farms produce roughly 21 billion gallons of milk annually.
  • A dairy cow will produce an average of 6.3 gallons of milk each day. That's more than 2,300 gallons each year.
  • Cows eat about 100 pounds of feed each day and drink up to 50 gallons a day of water.
  • Dairy is the number one agricultural business in California, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Wisconsin.

Thanks to America’s dairy farmers for providing us with the variety of cheeses that make Domino’s Pizza so delicious!

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