Responsible Sourcing



Domino’s does not own, raise, transport or process the animals used for our products. Domino’s purchases pork, beef and poultry ingredients from suppliers who obtain their products from farmers and ranchers who raise and care for their animals in compliance with local, state and federal guidelines, industry best practices and the support of farm animal veterinarians.

Domino’s believes farmers’ generations of experience in raising animals and crops make them best able to determine how to be good stewards of their farms. Farms in the United States are held to high standards, and we support the high standards and expectations for everyone involved in the U.S. food production system. We expect the same integrity, honesty and trust from the farmers that supply our food as we expect from ourselves. Our expectations of farmers are why Domino’s supports the “Five Freedoms” as endorsed by the World Organization for Animal Health:

Freedom from hunger, malnutrition and thirst
Freedom from fear and distress
Freedom from physical and thermal discomfort
Freedom from pain, injury and disease
Freedom to express normal patterns of behavior

Domino’s operates supply chain centers only in the U.S. and Canada. We are a system that is 100% franchised outside the United States, which means that all supply chain systems outside the U.S. and Canada are owned and operated by independent entities working to comply with the requirements of the markets in which they operate.

We are a small participant in the market for beef, pork and poultry products in the United States. In 2018:

Our purchases of beef products represented approximately 0.1% of all beef produced in the U.S.,
Our purchases of pork products represented approximately 0.3% of all pork produced in the U.S., and
Our purchases of poultry represented approximately 0.1% of all broiler chickens produced in the U.S.

We buy only certain animal parts and processed meats from these suppliers, rather than whole animals. As such, and given our small market shares, we understand that we are not in a position to exercise meaningful influence or control over meatpackers or processors, nor the individual farmers who supply them with live animals.

We are happy to say we use high-quality meats without any fillers. We have eliminated MSG and virtually all artificial food coloring from our products in the U.S. We have eliminated a long list of ingredients from all our core products including BHA/BHT and PHOs, as well as trans-fat from core pizza products (apart from that which is naturally occurring in cheese and some meats). We spent two years working to gradually reduce the sodium in our pizza sauce by 25%, all the while maintaining a high level of customer approval for the reformulation. We are also proud to provide our entire ingredient list for products online, something not all brands do publicly.



Domino’s isn’t alone in its quest to understand how the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry intersects and impacts human health. Public health advocates have voiced concerns about the use of antibiotics in the animals that eventually enter the food supply, and we understand concerns that have been raised by these groups. We care about the food we serve to customers, and our families, and we want it to be safe.

We sit at the intersection of two groups who only want what is best. On one side are farmers and veterinarians that want to be able to treat sick animals and prevent disease. On the other, consumer groups that want to make sure that the use of antibiotics in farm animals does not lead to antibiotic resistance in humans that could prove to be a larger threat to human health. We have spent time studying the issue from all sides, as well as understanding the science involved and the reality of what choices a brand of our size has in finding a solution that makes sense for us. The subject is complex, and it involves decisions made by thousands of farmers and veterinarians, multiple suppliers, as well as us.

It is important to note that no meat in the U.S. food supply can have antibiotic residue in it when it is sold to the public. The USDA inspects all meat to make sure it is free of antibiotic residue before it can enter the market. That said, the FDA has recently enacted some rules that we are happy to support, including rules around what kind of antibiotics farmers can use and when they can use them. We understand that, for some, the use of antibiotics in any way may be concerning; however, we believe it is humane to treat sick animals with antibiotics if needed to prevent suffering.

100% of our chicken used for pizzas, sandwiches, wings, boneless chicken and pasta are free of antibiotics that are medically important to humans. We also do not purchase products from broiler chickens raised with fluoroquinolones or steroids. Although the poultry industry has reacted rapidly to providing new antibiotic protocols, it is not quite as straight forward or easy in the production of pork and beef. We believe that the industry has made a considerable amount of progress. However, for us to consider antibiotic restrictions in the pork and beef we purchase, there is much more work to be done before the amount of available supply is accessible by suppliers that meet Domino’s requirements.

We intend to transition to pork and beef sourced from animals raised without the routine use of medically-important antibiotics for disease prevention purposes once a sufficient supply of such pork and beef is available in the U.S. market from suppliers who satisfy our food safety, quality, cost and other product standards, and who can demonstrate their ability to reliably source and distribute these products with appropriate business continuity measures.



Domino’s sources 100% certified sustainable mass balance palm oil product through our supplier, AAK USA. Domino’s does not purchase raw palm oil, but a product made with palm oil for our pan pizza dough and some bread sides. Pan pizza dough is not the primary dough sold in our stores or produced at our supply chain centers; nor is palm oil used in the vast majority of products we sell.

We are proud to say that Domino’s is a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). We are committed to sourcing palm oil that is produced without deforestation of high conservation value areas, high carbon stock forests or the destruction of peat land. Domino’s achieved its goal of 100% traceability back to the mill for all palm oil in September 2015. Domino’s requires that AAK remain a member in good standing of the RSPO.