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Domino's Partners Foundation

Team Member Recovery Resources

If you have been displaced or otherwise affected by a natural disaster or personal hardship and need assistance, please contact the Partners Foundation at 877-921-8326, option #7.

Team Members Helping Team Members

The Domino's Partners Foundation was the inspiration of many caring team members and franchise owners who felt strongly about “taking care of their own.” Established in 1986, Partners was created to aid Domino’s team members in times of hardship and adversity.

The Foundation provides immediate financial assistance to franchise and corporate team members around the world. Financial help is provided following on-the-job accidents, fire or natural disasters, medical emergencies or the death of an immediate family member. Its primary funding comes from a companywide payroll-deduction program. Since inception, Domino’s team members in need have received more than $6 million dollars of financial assistance.


The Foundation receives direction from a nine-person Board of Trustees and is operated by an executive director and staff. Participation in the payroll-deduction program allows team members to choose levels of giving that are appropriate to them.

Domino's team members who wish to participate in payroll deduction can download the form below.

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Any current Domino’s team member is eligible to receive financial help. Assistance is not guaranteed and is based on a detailed set of board-approved criteria. It is not considered an insurance plan, benefit plan or a loan.

Partners Foundation: Team Member Stories

Medical Help

Without the benefit of medical insurance, a Domino's team member made a fourth doctor's appointment to treat a serious 'sinus infection' that was not getting better, in spite of the use of required antibiotics. The constant ringing and pain in his ear, severe vertigo and a 30-pound weight loss in just six weeks had become unbearable. Following three prior misdiagnoses, the team member was hospitalized and discovered to be suffering a blood clot between layers of his brain as well an abscess in the bone behind his ear. Through the support of its donors, the Partners Foundation provided a mortgage, utility and a car payment allowing the team member recovery time, and lessening some financial pressure following his hospital release.

Help in the worst of times

The Foundation was contacted by a general manager on behalf of a dedicated Domino's family in grief and despair. The employee and his son, both Domino's team members, were in shock and disbelief at the sudden loss of their wife and mother. Three weeks earlier, she had been hospitalized after suffering an aneurism. While hospitalized, she had a heart attack and then a fatal stroke. Without medical or life insurance, the family now faced the emotional burden with added financial stress. The generosity of Partners supporters provided a substantial payment toward the funeral expenses. The very grateful team members expressed their sincere appreciation for the help.

A Domino's franchise owner called on Partners when one of her long-term team members passed away following a sudden illness, leaving four children all under the age of ten. The only time the team member had missed any significant work time was for the delivery of her children. Acting as an advocate for the family, the franchise owner voluntarily paid the majority of the funeral expense. The Foundation contributed the leftover balance, which allowed the sorrowful family some financial relief.

How to Request Help From the Partners Foundation

Domino’s team members who wish to request help from the Partners Foundation should call 734-930-3297 or use one of the contact methods below. 


Mailing Address:
The Domino’s Partners Foundation
30 Frank Lloyd Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0997


Phone: 734-930-3297
Fax: 800-253-8182
Email: Use the web form on this page


DOMINO’S CUSTOMERS: If regarding an order placed with your local store, please reach out to the store directly for more immediate assistance. For all other customer support matters, please call 734-930-3030 to speak to a Customer Care representative or visit the customer support website to submit an email to Customer Care. Thank you!

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