What is the Carbon Footprint of Your Pizza? Now You Can Find Out!

Domino’s® launches interactive Pizza Footprint Calculator

Published: August 16, 2022
Pizza Footprint Calculator
Customers can use Domino’s Pizza Footprint Calculator to see what the carbon footprint of their pizza is, depending on what toppings they select.

In 2021, Domino’s announced a stewardship strategy that includes a commitment to the environment – focused on science-based climate actions that are intended to cut the brand’s greenhouse gas emissions, reduce water impact and minimize waste. So what does the carbon footprint of a Domino’s pizza look like? Now you can find out.

Domino’s has launched an interactive tool that allows users to calculate their pizza’s carbon footprint. Customers can select some of Domino’s most popular pizza toppings and see how their custom pizza compares to a large Domino’s pepperoni pizza – the menu item ordered most often by Domino’s customers, which produces 3.1 kg of CO2-EQ. Customers can add or remove toppings to see how their choices affect their pizza’s carbon footprint.

“This tool is a great example demonstrating how small choices people make every day can impact one’s carbon footprint,” said Fred Lund, Domino’s senior vice president of global development and sustainability.

What does Domino’s hope to accomplish by launching the Pizza Footprint Calculator?

“We believe most customers care about the impact they, and the companies they purchase from, make on the environment,” said Fred. “Whether or not customers are surprised that their chicken and spinach pizza has a lower carbon footprint than a large pepperoni pizza, we hope this tool will help add transparency to their choices, and get them thinking more about carbon emissions and the environment.”

Click here to create your own Domino’s pizza for fun, and learn how the different ingredients used can impact your carbon footprint. For more information about Domino’s stewardship efforts, visit stewardship.dominos.com.