Pizza by Plane: Domino’s in Port Clinton Takes to the Skies

Published: Feb. 19, 2021
Pizza By Plane
Domino’s franchise owner Brian Edler (left) teamed up with Robby Quinn (right), an independent local pilot, to deliver pizzas to residents on Kelleys Island, Ohio by plane on Jan. 22 and Feb. 8.

Domino’s is the leader in pizza delivery, but now, one store in Port Clinton, Ohio is taking it to another level – an aerial level, that is. The local Domino’s franchise owner, Brian Edler, teamed up with Robby Quinn, an independent local pilot and college student, on his weekly flight home from Bowling Green State University, to deliver pizzas to residents on Kelleys Island, Ohio during the winter months.

Since ferries to and from Kelleys Island are shut down for the winter, island residents have a limited selection as to what food they can get. Restaurants on the island are seasonal and closed during the cold months, so when islanders found out that Robby was delivering orders from Domino’s with his personal plane, they couldn’t be more excited.

Domino’s in Port Clinton received a total of 44 orders to deliver to Kelleys Island on Jan. 22, 2021. Customers anxiously awaited the plane’s arrival on the island, as it’s only about 17 miles away from the Domino’s store and a short 10-minute plane ride.

“This delivery was such a success that Robby scheduled another one on Feb. 8,” Brian said. “The energy and enthusiasm of Robby, combined with the special delivery to the hungry and anxious Kelleys Island customers, was such a fun experience! We couldn’t wait to do it again.”

This time, Port Clinton Domino’s took the delivery one step further. The store matched every dollar spent on the Kelleys Island orders from Feb. 8, 2021 and donated a total of $617.95 to United Way of Ottawa County. The store also wanted to ensure that every pizza arrived piping hot, so Domino’s sent each customer’s order in an insulated warming bag for them to keep and reuse.

The local pilot, Robby, actually documented the first and second deliveries on his TikTok account – showcasing the deliveries from start to finish.

“It’s not every day you see a pizza delivery by plane,” said Brian. “It’s definitely a fun way to get our customers the pizza they love – thanks to Robby. He knows Domino’s is the No. 1 pizza delivery company in the world and he did a great job as an in-air delivery expert!”

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