Domino’s Donates Pizzas to Hospitals and Schools in Michigan

Published: May 20, 2020
Doylestown Hospital
Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor, Michigan is one of many hospitals that Dave Cesarini’s Domino’s stores have donated pizza to during the pandemic.

Domino’s corporate stores and franchisees across the country are doing what they can to help during the COVID-19 crisis. This story is part of a series where we highlight local Domino’s owners and team members who are giving back to their communities.

When Michigan-based Domino’s franchisee Dave Cesarini heard about another franchisee's giving back initiative, he couldn't wait to put it into practice with his own stores. He told each of his six stores – four in Ann Arbor and two in Lansing – to donate 50 pizzas to organizations of their choosing in their local communities.

"Having a say in it gives them a sense of purpose while working during these challenging times," said Cesarini.

Just one week later, Domino's rolled out its Feed the Need initiative, giving these stores even more resources to work with. This has allowed them to give continual support to key organizations like school district food service workers and volunteers in their areas. In Cesarini's words, they are "supporting those who support the community." Even with schools shut down, they're still working to feed their students, so their local Domino's stores are working hard to feed them.

Doylestown Hospital
Locally-owned Domino’s stores also donated pizzas to Sparrow Hospital in East Lansing, Michigan.

These Michigan stores have also donated hundreds of pizzas to several local hospitals. Sarah Menke, who works as Sparrow Hospital in East Lansing, said that the delivery meant a lot to her.

"Whenever I come into work and it says that there is pizza in the break room, I get super excited … It is also super appreciated when companies like Domino's donate food," said Menke. "It makes us feel very special and taken care of."

Domino’s stores in Ann Arbor have a goal to donate 800 more pizzas, splitting them evenly between day and night shifts at Michigan Medicine. Cesarini said that he plans to keep the donations coming – focused on those with the biggest need.

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