Domino’s Awards Scholarships to Team Members

Published: July 24, 2020
Karen Galvan
Karen Galvan is one of three Domino’s team members who received Domino’s Futuro Brillante Scholarship in 2020.

Domino’s is proud to support team members who are pursuing an education. For the 2019-2020 school year, Domino’s partnered with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities to offer $2,500 scholarships to team members. Karen Galvan is one of three students who received a scholarship.

Karen Galvan was born in Nuevo Leon, Mexico in 2000. When she was one year old, her family relocated to Pasadena, Texas, and her path was forever changed. Karen is now a sophomore at San Jacinto College, majoring in engineering. She began working at Domino’s as a customer service representative in 2017 as a way to earn money for college.

“I started working at Domino’s because my brother and sister both worked there,” Galvan said. “I saw what a fun place it was to work, and how it recognizes those who work hard. Domino’s has a great route to success.”

Galvan worked her way up and is now an assistant manager. When she learned that Domino’s was offering scholarships, she was excited and knew immediately that she wanted to apply. She was one of the students selected to receive Domino’s Futuro Brillante Scholarship.

“College keeps getting more expensive, and there is only so much I can afford, so I’m incredibly grateful for this scholarship,” she said. “It’ll help me pursue my education, and pay for classes and textbooks.”

After Galvan graduates, she hopes to establish a career in chemical engineering and help repay her parents for all of their sacrifices.

“I also hope to give back to my community,” she said. “I was raised in the area where I currently work, so giving back to the area that has seen me grow up is the least I can do.”

Although Galvan aspires to become a chemical engineer someday, she said she will always look back on her first job and be incredibly thankful for the opportunities Domino’s has given her.

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