Domino’s® Welcomes Future Farmers of America Officers for a Day of Learning and Collaboration

Published: June 13, 2022
FFA officers Erik Robinson (left), a junior at the University of Georgia, Josiah Cruikshank (right), a junior at Oregon State University, toured Domino’s headquarters, met with team members, and discussed the brand’s connection to the agriculture industry on April 11, 2022.

April 11, 2022 marked one of the first steps in the exciting continuation of Domino’s partnership with Future Farmers of America, as national FFA officers visited Domino’s World Resource Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Josiah Cruikshank and Erik Robinson toured Domino’s headquarters, met with team members, and discussed the brand’s connection to the agriculture industry.

Both officers were influenced to join FFA by their backgrounds in agriculture and have gained significant experience through the organization at the collegiate level where Josiah serves as FFA president at Oregon State University, and Erik as president at the University of Georgia. In their roles as national officers, Josiah and Erik were hand-selected by FFA to educate themselves and other members by partaking in activities that will benefit the organization, which is why they decided to visit Domino’s. With the goal of promoting sustainability, innovation and supply chain values to FFA members, Josiah and Erik made their way to Domino’s headquarters to learn more about these issues.

Josiah and Erik toured Domino’s Innovation Garage and met with Brandon Shipman, Domino’s manager of operations innovation. Brandon showed them Domino’s newest operations innovations and explained his team’s process, from start to finish. He also provided the officers with real-life examples of how creative problem-solving, innovation, and taking risks has a major impact on the food and agriculture industry.

“The more we can embrace and think about the Domino’s experience holistically, from farm to table, the more innovative and connected our team members and consumers will feel to the brand,” Brandon said. “Students with a passion for agriculture can take their skillsets and experience to innovate processes and solutions for our business, team members and consumers.”

As part of their visit, Josiah and Erik also learned how to make their own pizzas in Domino’s test kitchen. Brenda Vasquez, Domino’s specialist of innovation, implementation and activation, prompted them to think about the different roles of store employees in new, inventive ways.

Before the end of the visit, Josiah and Erik sat down for lunch with leaders in Domino’s procurement, supply chain services, and stewardship and sustainability to discuss how Josiah and Erik’s future careers can have a positive impact on the agriculture aspects of a business like Domino’s.

“Domino’s day of meeting with the officers is a reminder of how much they bring to the table when it comes to strengthening Domino’s relationship with the agriculture industry,” said Jeannette Sharp, Domino’s community relations manager. “Domino’s continued partnership with FFA reiterates our support of farmers, and throughout these next five years, we hope to increase sustainable farming education, continue to connect FFA chapters with local franchisees, and fund agriculture experience grants and scholarships for members across the country.”

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