Domino’s Delivers Comfort to Tornado Victims in Chester, Illinois

Published: Nov. 30, 2021
Chester, Ill
After a tornado traveled through southern Illinois, Domino’s in Chester donated pizzas to their local fire department, electrical lineman and neighbors who suffered damage to their homes.

On October 24, 2021, a tornado traveled through southern Illinois, touching down about 800 feet from the Domino’s store located in Chester, Illinois. The tornado was categorized as an EF-3 by the National Weather Service, meaning its wind gusts ranged between 136 and 165 miles per hour. It leveled buildings, lifted rooves, mangled trees and downed powerlines.

Luckily, members of the Chester community were on alert and had enough notice to take shelter. The general manager of the Domino’s store, Ashley Goodman, was able to get all her delivery drivers off the road and secured them in a safe spot in the store before the tornado touched down.

“Following the tornado, our entire crew was rallying together on our communication app,” said Nick Burch, who owns Domino’s in Chester. “Team members were eager to go into the store – even those scheduled off – to help and support the community any way they could.”

The next day, crews worked to restore power and residents started cleaning up the wreckage left behind. Domino’s team members made and delivered donated pizzas to the fire department, electrical linemen, and neighbors who suffered damage to their homes.

Deliveries like the one made by the Chester team in the wake of the tornado are what we at Domino’s like to call “pizza relief.” Pizza relief has been an element of our culture for decades. Domino’s is often in a unique position, especially in the wake of natural disasters and other community crises, to deliver a warm, comforting meal to many people quickly.

“The team didn’t hesitate to jump in and help,” Nick said. “It was the least we could do for the people who were dealing with such tragedy in the aftermath of this natural disaster.”

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