Alec Blancarte: Failure Isn’t an Option

Published: July 30, 2019
Alec Blancarte - Picture One
Alec Blancarte serves as the director of corporate operations in Florida, where he oversees 52 corporate-owned Domino’s stores throughout Miami.

Since Alec Blancarte was little, he always dreamed of becoming a businessman.

“I always loved suits, and I’d imagine myself carrying a briefcase in a fast-paced environment,” he said. “I pictured myself as a leader – as somebody who could be important, not because of power, but because of reputation and development of others around me.”

Today, Alec serves as the director of corporate operations in Florida, where he oversees 52 corporate-owned Domino’s stores throughout Miami. Although he knew he wanted to become a businessman someday, he never knew he’d work for Domino’s.

Alec was born in El Paso, Texas and raised in Mexico. He had to grow up quickly, as he became the man of the house at age 13 and was one of four kids. While he saw friends goofing off, going out and having fun, he knew that was something he couldn’t afford to do.

“I knew where I stood in life at that point,” Alec said. “I started working at an early age and managed all of my family’s personal accounts, which helped me to be very responsible.”

As a teenager, Alec earned money by repairing computers and fixing various electronics. At age 18, he purchased his first brand new vehicle, and at 21, his first house. He kept setting goals and the excitement and sense of accomplishment he felt when he reached them pushed him to do better and set higher goals.

“Failure wasn’t an option,” he said. “I just knew I had to push myself and work hard to be successful.”

After graduating from high school, he moved to Phoenix where he developed and grew his career with a number of brands. In 2013, he received an email from Domino’s about an open position.

“I always loved Domino’s, but I never knew about all of the possibilities within the company,” he said. “When I saw the email, I assumed it was a random email or scam and was about to delete it, but then I read the title. It caught my attention, and after reading the job description, I was even more intrigued.”

Alec replied to the email and said it was the best decision he’s ever made. As a manager of corporate operations in Phoenix, he was able to connect with his team members quickly, which helped him drive change and build an amazing team. He soon learned about an international business consulting position at Domino’s. He knew he had to stand out from others in terms of results and operational excellence in order to be considered for the role. In 2014, Phoenix won Domino’s Market of the Year Award and he won Manager of Corporate Operations of the Year. Alec landed the international business consulting position in 2015 and worked in seven different countries throughout the Americas and Europe. Seeing how the brand operated in various cultures and being able to influence leaders in the international franchise system was his dream come true.

“Nothing makes me prouder and gives me a sense of accomplishment than seeing my team lead and grow,” he said. “There will always be obstacles, challenges and roadblocks, but it’s how we perceive those challenges that allows us to overcome them.”

For Alec, any obstacle is a learning opportunity, knowing that everything always has a solution.


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