Celebrating International Women’s Day: Domino’s Female Executives and Board Members Share Professional and Personal Growth Advice in Fireside Chat

Published: March 22, 2022
Fireside Chat
WiSDOM, Domino’s employee resource group for women, held a virtual fireside chat for International Women’s Day on March 8, 2022.

Diana Cantor, Cindy Headen, Patricia Lopez and Lisa Price have more than 125 years of combined experience in the workforce, which is exactly why WiSDOM, the employee resource group for women at Domino’s, turned to them to answer this year’s International Women’s Day question: How can we collectively break the bias against women in the workplace?

In a virtual lunch hour fireside chat on March 8, 2022, former High Ridge Brands CEO and cursrent Domino’s Board of Directors member Patricia Lopez, offered three pieces of advice to women who are often told they can do it all.

“No. 1, draw the line,” said Patricia. “We can’t do it all. We need to make choices. The best way to make room for life and career is to make choices deliberately – to set limits and to stick to them. People will always demand more from you, so it’s up to us to decide what we’re willing to do and not to do.”

She went on to encourage women to lean on outside sources to create a structure, like childcare, and to help create the environment where they want to work.

“I used to have a spotless home before I met my husband and had kids, and now I don’t, and that’s ok,” said Lisa, Domino’s chief human resources officer. “I used to work out every day and now I don’t. I feel proud when I work out three to four days a week, and that’s ok too. For me, it’s really been about granting myself that grace and reprioritizing what really truly matters, which for me is my family and my work.”

Diana Cantor, another member of Domino’s Board of Directors and the global chair of 100 Women In Finance, spoke about the importance of what women do outside of their day-to-day work and how that can help them to develop and have a meaningful impact on their career.

“Take a look at your ESG profile,” said Diana. “How are you contributing to the environment? How are you as a member of your community? And how do you govern your morals, your ethics, and your principles?”

Cindy, Domino’s executive vice president of supply chain services, also provided valuable advice for women in the workplace.

“Having a business card doesn’t make you immune from the highs and lows, and joys and sorrows of life,” she said. “Live it as much as you can live it, give yourself a break, celebrate your successes and be in the moment.”

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