Inclusion & Diversity
Our People

The Power of Possible Starts with our People

Fostering inclusion and diversity is simply the right thing to do. We believe creating a sense of belonging for everyone promotes a thriving culture of innovation where anything is possible. That’s why we are committed to building a culture that welcomes, seeks to understand and values everyone’s whole self.



“Do the Right Thing” and “Put People First” are our top two core values at Domino’s. From those two values our Inclusion and Diversity mission was launched, and we have been relentless in our commitment to building and strengthening our culture every day. We are proud to celebrate the diversity of our team. It’s that diversity that allows us to innovate and operate successfully in over 90 countries around the world.


Better Together

I&D Efforts

We’re committed to strengthening inclusion and diversity within Domino’s and the communities we serve.

Our strategic framework commits to:

Strengthen the diversity of our workforce:

Build a platform of best practices that

  • Elevates our recruiting, interview, and development practices
  • Holds us accountable through our Board of Director I&D Committee, our internal cross-functional I&D steering committee and our Employee Resource Groups
  • Monitors and measures progress of our workforce that mirrors the diversity of the communities we serve

Foster an inclusive workforce:

Listen, learn, and support one another

  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Fireside Chats
  • Best Practice Sharing

Act as inclusive leaders and build an inclusive culture

  • With an approach of Conscious Inclusion
  • Through Leadership Development and Competencies that are rooted in inclusive behavior
  • By measuring both the results and the how they are achieved

Extend to the marketplace:

Commited to long-term impact

  • Supporting organizations in our communities
  • Expanding the diversity of our suppliers
  • Growing the diversity of Franchisees with programs like the Black Franchisee Opportunity Fund