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If you have been displaced or otherwise affected by a natural disaster or personal hardship and need assistance, please contact the Partners Foundation at 734-930-3297 or

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The Domino's Partners Foundation was the inspiration of many caring team members and franchise owners who felt strongly about “taking care of their own.” Established in 1986, Partners was created to aid Domino’s team members in times of hardship and adversity.

The Foundation provides immediate financial assistance to franchise and corporate team members around the world. Financial help is provided following on-the-job accidents, fire or natural disasters, medical emergencies or the death of an immediate family member. Its primary funding comes from a companywide payroll-deduction program. Since inception, Domino’s team members in need have received more than $21 million dollars of financial assistance.


The Foundation receives direction from a nine-person Board of Trustees and is operated by an executive director and staff. Participation in the payroll-deduction program allows team members to choose levels of giving that are appropriate to them.

Domino's team members who wish to participate in payroll deduction can download the form below.

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Any current Domino’s team member is eligible to receive financial help. Assistance is not guaranteed and is based on a detailed set of board-approved criteria. It is not considered an insurance plan, benefit plan or a loan.


Partners Foundation: Team Member Stories

Hunter's Story

HunterMy 14-year-old son Hunter (pictured) has been a bit of a medical mystery since birth. He’s always struggled with bone marrow failure and was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Schwachman Diamond syndrome. Hunter’s bone marrow is unable to produce the blood products needed to survive. Recent test show this could morph into leukemia, so his oncologist decided now would be the best time for a bone marrow transplant. The closest hospital able to complete his transplant is in Iowa City, Iowa-little over a 2-hour drive for us. As a family of five, we knew this journey would be difficult, but we didn’t hesitate! Hunter was admitted June and we are looking at returning home in October. This is a long time to live in two places and lots of work missed so we contacted Partners for help!

Our anxiety levels were high when we tried to imagine how we were going to make this work. When I reached out to Partners, I finally felt a little peace. We are so fortunate to work for a company that takes care of one another; we are a family too. The Partners Foundation will give us a home to return to this fall. There’s no way we could have managed Hunter’s medical care in a new city alongside our monthly bills. When this journey leads us home, we’ll have a roof over our heads.

I have worked for Domino's for years. My other children each got their first job at Domino's. We all donate to Partners through our paychecks. I want to thank everyone that does the same. I hope no one has a need for the Partners Foundation. But if you do, remember we have this option because of everyone that donates.

-- Ryan Lantz



Amber's Story

AmberIn September 2019, I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer. I had to stop working and was worried about how my bills were going to get paid. This worry led to a lot of anxiety and stress that impacted my life and health. I believe the anxieties experienced by a crisis makes someone sicker. That is when I decided to reach out to Partners.

Partners was able to help relieve this stress and anxiety by helping me pay for my rent. The [help] I received from Partners allowed me to focus on my healing. For anyone considering donating to The Partners Foundation, I would say that your donations do help, and the stress relief helps a person or family focus on getting through their crisis.

Partners even took it a step further by calling me to check in on my progress after the initial help. They made me feel important. Partners has been a huge blessing for my family.

-- Amber Garcia, Assistant Manager since 2004 in Houston TX

How to Request Help From the Partners Foundation

Domino’s team members who wish to request help from the Partners Foundation should use one of the contact methods below. 


Partners Foundation Web Form

This web form is ONLY or active Domino’s employees experiencing a hardship.