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The power of possible starts with our people.

Fostering inclusion and diversity is simply the right thing to do.

We believe creating a sense of belonging for everyone promotes a thriving culture of innovation where anything is possible.

That’s why we’re committed to building a culture that welcomes, seeks to understand and values everyone’s whole self.

We are made better together.

“Do the Right Thing” and “Put People First” are our top two core values at Domino’s. From those two values our Inclusion and Diversity mission was launched, and we have been relentless in our commitment to building and strengthening our culture every day. We are proud to celebrate the diversity of our team. It’s that diversity that allows us to innovate and operate successfully in over 90 countries around the world.

Ritch Allison, Domino’s CEO

Board of Directors

Domino’s Board of Directors established an Inclusion & Diversity Committee which meets regularly to provide oversight, guidance and support for our company’s inclusion and diversity initiatives. The members of the I&D committee are Andy Ballard, Corie Barry and Patricia Lopez.

Community and Social Impact

In addition to supporting organizations that provide services to people in need regardless of race, religion, ethnic or sexual orientation (such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital), Domino’s also supports organizations dedicated to addressing the specific needs of minorities and other under-represented populations, including

  • LGBTQ: Ozone House, Jim Toy Community, Motor City Pride and Stand with Trans
  • Women/Girls: Girls on the Run, Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan
  • Hispanic: Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation

Black Community Partners and the Black Franchisee Opportunity Fund

In 2020, we announced a $3 million commitment over the next three years to support the Black community. We launched a scholarship program with the United Nego College Fund, formed relationships with National Urban League, 100 Black Men of America, Black Girls Code and others.

We also launched the Black Franchisee Opportunity Fund, to help black team members in their quest to become owners of Domino’s stores. The fund totals $1 million in support to qualified candidates.

Inclusion and Diversity Efforts Internally

Our dedicated I&D function within Domino’s works hand-in-hand with Domino’s leadership in driving our I&D efforts across three pillars: Workforce (focused on the diversity of our workforce at all levels of the organization), Workplace (focused on ensuring that our company-owned stores, offices and supply chains are inclusive) and Marketplace (focused on ensuring our brand reaches and is relevant to all consumers).

Their mission is to foster a more diverse, highly engaged workforce that sees our company as the employer of choice and is representative of the communities we serve. We want our team members to feel comfortable bringing their unique experiences and diverse backgrounds to discussions where they can share, learn and listen together enabled by conscious inclusion practices and performance and leadership competencies.

As part our Workplace initiatives, we provide leadership and funding to encourage team members to participate in Employee Resource Groups to create relationships with other team members who share an identity or an affinity. We currently have ERGs representing the Black, Hispanic and LGBTQ community as well as women in the workforce, with more to come based on team member interest.

Media and Advertising

To further reflect the diversity of our customers, team members and the communities we serve, we are accelerating the allocation of our marketing spending to diverse-owned media companies, production houses and content creators. In 2022, we will increase our TV investment in minority-owned properties to 2% of the overall budget. In addition to marketing to broad, diverse English-speaking audiences, we will also continue to invest in reaching customers who view Spanish-language programming.

We will continue to evaluate additional investment opportunities in minority-owned properties. In doing so, we will maintain strong stewardship of the marketing dollars provided by our independent franchisees (we are 98% franchised), through the use of data from our marketing mix model and Nielsen ratings, to identify the most cost-effective manner to reach large, multi-cultural audiences.