Did you know more than 1 million customers around the world enjoy hot, delicious Domino’s products every day? As the largest pizza company in the world, Domino’s is in more than 90 international markets and we’re still growing!


Domino's Regional Map


Domino's International Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Domino's LLC, began serving consumers outside the United States in 1983 when the first store opened in Winnipeg, Canada. Since then, Domino's International has extended its global reach to include more than 90 international markets serviced by more than 20,500 stores.

Domino's success outside the U.S. is due to the collaborative relationship between our exceptional franchisees and the corporate team that supports them. Together, we continuously strive to support a policy of "One Brand – One System" in order to be the best pizza delivery company in the world.

This dedication to a single brand and a single system assures that the same core strategy is followed wherever Domino's operates.

  • We build our brand through the consistent use of our registered marks and by executing against the same consumer promise.
  • We execute flawlessly through the use of standard store layouts, training programs, operational evaluations, and a focus on our exceptional people.
  • We maintain high standards through the use of the same core products, audit systems and a proven supplier approval process.

Nonetheless, Domino's International recognizes the need for some adaptation in order to address the cultural and societal differences encountered in each individual market. With more than 35 years of experience operating outside the United States, our team is very skilled at adjusting our products and systems for local tastes and preferences.


There are essentially two business opportunities available to potential investors: master franchising and sub-franchising.

Master Franchising

Domino’s International continues to selectively develop new international markets based on their potential. While smaller markets may be considered under extraordinary circumstances, Domino's International prefers to allocate its resources to develop markets based on their relative size and potential for economic benefit.

In those markets selected for development, Domino's International transfers market exclusivity to candidates who possess a track record of success, a strong knowledge of the target market, and substantial financial resources. Typically, successful candidates invest multiple millions of dollars to establish the local organization that has the right to build stores, sub-franchise, and operate the supporting distribution system. In exchange for these rights, the master franchisee is responsible for meeting agreed upon store growth targets, the payment of royalties, and the maintenance of our organization's operating standards.


In markets where Domino's is currently operating, the master franchisee retains the right to choose the most appropriate local development strategy. In some cases, these master franchisees offer the opportunity to sub-franchise, but it is important to note that they are under no obligation to do so. Regardless, when inquiries are received for these markets, Domino's International forwards the candidate's contact information and initial correspondence to the offices of our master franchisee. Under these circumstances, our local representative is generally free to determine the conditions of potential commercial relationships and manages their own internal qualification process.


Those who are interested in becoming a master franchisee should email

For information in sub-franchising, please visit your master franchisee’s website using the interactive map above.