Domino’s Statement on Website Accessibility Litigation

We take great pride in having already developed an accessible website and app, as well as many additional ways for all customers to connect with our brand and menu. This includes the development of ordering platforms using voice-activated devices like Alexa® and Google Home® and the development of our own proprietary voice-ordering digital assistant, Dom, available on both our website and mobile apps. We have also established a 24x7 hotline that any customers using screen readers on our website can contact if they are having any difficulties fully utilizing any aspect of the site.

Although Domino’s is disappointed that the Supreme Court will not review this case, we look forward to presenting our case at the trial court. We also remain steadfast in our belief in the need for federal standards for everyone to follow in making their websites and mobile apps accessible.

Creating a nation-wide standard will eliminate the tsunami of website accessibility litigation that has been filed by plaintiffs’ lawyers exploiting the absence of a standard for their own benefit, and chart a common path for both businesses and non-profit institutions to follow in meeting the accessibility needs of the disabled community.