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In January 2016, Ricardo and Simone learned their 2-year-old daughter Azalea had a soft tissue cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. After receiving this diagnosis, they knew they wanted the best care for her.

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When the Ortiz family gathers in one room, there are always three things present: food, storytelling and some sort of competitive game.

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What do tacos and cheeseburgers have in common? More than you might think, thanks to Domino’s! Customers can now enjoy two new, delicious pizzas: the chicken taco pizza and the cheeseburger pizza.

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At just 23, Chad Vickers took a chance by moving to Chicago – a city brand new to him – to pursue his dream of owning and operating Domino’s stores.

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Domino’s launched in partnership with WestRock to deliver the facts about pizza box recycling. Pizza boxes, with grease and all, are indeed recyclable!

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Karen Galvan was born in Nuevo Leon, Mexico in 2000. When she was one year old, her family relocated to Pasadena, Texas, and her path was forever changed. Karen is now a sophomore at San Jacinto College, majoring in engineering.

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